Forthcoming: Enemies Endure

I have a new novel coming relatively soon—I’ve just finished the “junk whole sections and revise whole characters” stage of editing and am moving on to the “read over and over again, tweaking paragraphs, sentences, and words as I go” stage.

This is Enemies Endure.

It’s a ~163,000 word Hitherby legend from late chapter 2 and early chapter 3; it’s mostly new content, but some key parts are revised versions of existing legends.

I’m still making decisions on how exactly I’m going to proceed—things like:

* will I serialize it or just release it in ePub/createSpace form?
* will I focus on getting the ePub out or the print form out?
* will I kickstart, stick with stuff I can do myself, or both?

Once it’s out, then I’ll be taking the Unclean Legacy off sale, and possibly having a sale on Fable of the Swan. Or … not!

This is also a reminder that Unclean Legacy is currently available in print form from CreateSpace (see sidebar), and that there is a forthcoming Nobilis supplement:

minibook 1i, a Diary of Deceivers
(176pp, currently written, edited, mostly laid out, and about … 80%? art-complete?)

Because apparently when I sit down to just write a little bit about Deceivers, literally aiming for a 32-page supplement to dump out there for .99, a beautiful 176-page book is what happens. It’s actually going to be awesome; it’s just kind of goofy how unexpected it was. ^_^

More details on that as they come in.

Best wishes,


(Bonus) Level 2 Persona

The man’s convulsions woke her; woke her to see his sweating ghost-pale face, his slit eyes, his drawn features. She tried to disentangle herself from the sheets, crying, “What ails you?”

He spoke no word, but she came to know his answer: that he had been awakened by the suffering of his realm, by the forest in the south. That he had touched the minds of a dozen beasts and seen through a dozen pairs of eyes before he found the source of the pain…and that, when he found it, he paid the price for his divinations…for the thirteenth beast was trapped within a fire…

—from Fire Stories, compiled by Édouard Guy

Difficulty 2: “Lesser Incarnation”

The Powers you know — that love you, hate you, or just hang out with you sometimes — can be with you even when their body is not. They can incarnate in their Estates. The Power of the Wind can be whatever wind blows past. The Power of Landslides can live in any landslide. The Power of Hope moves in any heart that hopes.

Your Avatar can do this as a difficulty 2 miracle.

When your Avatar incarnates in something, their consciousness goes off to live elsewhere in the world. This ignores the normal range for your miracles (pg. XX) and lasts until:

  • something happens back at their body that snaps them out of it;
  • a self-imposed time limit runs out; or
  • a scene ends for the thing they’re living in.

They do choose, with as much precision as they like, what they’ll inhabit, but they don’t take it over and they don’t bring their whole majesty to bear. They live with it.

The things that happen to it — the things it thinks, the relationships it forms, the experiences it has — become part of your Avatar’s life story. This is backdated a bit, so you get the memories and attachments of the things that were already happening when you arrived. And your Avatar’s dreams and hopes and passions and loves and basically their ways of living become part of its nature; and that lasts even after you pull your consciousness back, more or less until the story ends.

So if you’re playing the Power of Dogs, you can go live in any dog you want. And for the rest of your life, if that dog loved someone, like most dogs do, that person will be important to you, and you to them. And for the rest of the story, that dog thinks a bit like you (and the rest like a dog) — if they see that your parents’ home is on fire, say, even if they don’t know your parents, they’ll definitely care and they might even be able to work a fire extinguisher or dial 911!

Usually the HG will just tell the story of what you experience in abbreviated form, or let you do so, or just say that it happened and tell you to let them know if it’s relevant. If you happen to incarnate somewhere where important things are going on, though, and nothing is up back where your body is, then the HG may have you play the dog, wind, hope, ghetto, song, or sunbeam you happen to be inhabiting instead of yourself!

If your Estate exists on other worlds you can possess it there, but you need a greater (level 5) miracle to extend your consciousness into someplace primal like Heaven or Hell.

(Bonus) Level 0 Treasure

The Acme Horizon Vulcanizer was in one respect successful: the rubbery horizon bounced back the sun that tried to set, casting the houses of the sky into disorder. In its principal purpose, however, it proved entirely futile: like the devices before it, it did not win for Horace Eunice’s love.

—from Horace’s Exigency, by Keiko Takemori

Difficulty 0: “Claiming an Anchor”

You can use a difficulty 0 miracle to make an ordinary thing into an Anchor — to take something that is bound to you by your Bonds and make it part of your regalia, your iconography, your nature and your destiny.

An Anchor becomes, at your option, one of the best of its kind mundanely available. Your old clunker of a car becomes a Ferrari, or simply runs like one. Your memento wristwatch becomes as durable as a Rolex deep sea watch. That butler you hired — maybe from the papers, maybe by dragging your layabout or unruly cousin into your world — turns out, after a few days settling in, to be one of the best and most loyal butlers in the world.

An Anchor becomes, again at your option, free of charge. A car no longer requires gasoline. A computer no longer needs electricity. Phone and data service for a PDA are free. Even people stop having a resource cost—it’s not that they don’t eat, sleep, shower, or whatever, but that for some reason or another you won’t ever have to worry about it. Depending on the game the HG may play this up for comic, tragic, bromidic, or wondrous effect.

For better or worse, when you’re directly interacting with one of your Anchors, you don’t spend Will and you ignore the whole Intentions system. Your actions through an Anchored tool, or an Anchor’s actions when you’re directly involved, just add a default +3 “miraculous Will” bonus to the highest relevant Passion or Skill.

Finally, an Anchor may always communicate with you — it may call to you with its thoughts and it may hear thoughts you send outwards in its direction. This is most important with people, but the spirit of an inanimate Anchor may communicate with you as well. It is a reflexive difficulty 0 miracle to hear an Anchor trying to reach you or to open a channel of communication with it; you receive free Strike (pg. XX) on this miracle equal to your Treasure rating and can spend MP or invoke a Bond for additional Strike. Actually hearing your Anchor out and replying is a mundane action, so you’ll have to have a free moment to talk.

All of these benefits are essentially permanent; they last as long as you wish them to last and retain an appropriate Bond.

(Note on Nobilis)

We are running behind.

To be specific: I’ve had to push some art and layout deadlines into late October, and there is a solid chunk of art I don’t know how to get done in that time. We’re trying to pull in another 3-4 artists to fix that, but sometimes it takes a while to find out that an artist isn’t actually interested.

I’m told that we have a good relationship with a local printer and that it will be shockingly fast and that none of my fears of “yay it’s gone to print!” *seven years pass* “yay it’s out!” will come to pass. I’m also told that there’s also some kind of way to do even more shockingly fast but also expensive small-run printing that we may use for promotional purposes if there’s a con sometime between “final electronic document” and “on shelves.”

I’ll offer a new release date when someone in the office tells me one and I believe it. There’s a date I am grimly determined to make but I’m afraid if I formally declare it that I’ll jinx it and invite a printing boondoggle.

In the meantime, you now have more or less the same capacity to guess as I do. ^_^

On preorders: I want to make it available for preorder pretty much the exact moment it goes to print, unless that’s like 2am on a Sunday. I don’t know how much power I’ll have to produce that outcome.

Best wishes,