A Chance at a Postcard from Martin

Dear friends,

If you’ve always wanted a postcard from Martin, here’s your chance! Either contribute, or, if you’ve already contributed at $15+, spread the word, over at


Let’s see if we can hit the $7000 stretch goal in the next 2 days, which is around what it’ll take to make me believe the final stretch goal will be possible ^_^

Best wishes,



This is exciting! And I hadn’t mentioned it here! But I will! Now!

So, listen. Listen.


A while back I started on what was going to be my happiest and best project ever, a series of “Hitherby Dragons” novels, not related stories like Enemies Endure but the heart of the thing; only the publisher I was working with flaked hard and the artist I was working with flaked hard and suddenly I was sitting there holding one and a half of the favorite books of mine I’ve ever written and nothing to do with it.

And ’cause I’m pretty easy to throw into despair; and because it’s a short novel and not a full novel and so hard to throw into regular publication channels; and because pulling together my current RPG project is the most genuinely incredible amount of work I’ve ever had to do on anything, I wound up just kind of sitting on this thing.

But you guys have restored my faith.

So . . . over on my Indiegogo, I added a stretch goal.

I don’t know if we’re going to get there, OK? I mean, it’s more than twice my original goal. And on the other side of that I haven’t finished researching prices on covers yet, I’m still talking to people, so maybe I’ll turn around after that and I’ll laugh because I’ll have to push on quite a ways past that to get my dream covers, or I won’t need quite that much! I’d feel really goofy about that either way!

But I love you all, and you have given me some faith here, so I’ll tell you what. At $5000 I’m going to release that first short novel, Jack o’Lantern Girl, and introduce people who maybe aren’t so much into reading fiction blogs to the story of Hitherby Dragons; and tell those of you who are into reading fiction blogs a lot more about what happened on the firewood world; and move finishing the second book, Firewood Boy, up a lot higher on my priority queue;

And, of course, include Jack o’Lantern Girl in the list of books available at the $5 level plus.

Enemies Endure Kickstarter—Well, Indiegogo—is Go!

It is here!

If I hit the target, then I’ll value this funding method, and be able to produce better gaming material and more nicely-produced books in the future.

If I go over the target, I’ll know that people are interested in fiction from me as well as gaming material.

If I go way over the target, I’ll probably get back to Hitherby.

However, even if you’d rather I focused on gaming stuff, don’t be too scared to contribute; a rising tide of not worrying about meals and having usable chairs and such lifts all project-boats. ^_^

So . . .


The site books.hitherby.com exists!

I have Hitherby-related novels to serialize, you see. Only, so far they’re all from chapters 1 and 2, so I can’t use the imago. It would be Wrong.

The serialization starts on the 29th and will get interesting around the 3rd. I expect the current project to run for about two years. Posts will be frequent but short.

This shouldn’t interfere with Hitherby per se. I mean, Hitherby is currently stalled, obviously, but this shouldn’t decrease the likelihood of Hitherby returning and may increase it.

Best wishes,