A Chance at a Postcard from Martin

Dear friends,

If you’ve always wanted a postcard from Martin, here’s your chance! Either contribute, or, if you’ve already contributed at $15+, spread the word, over at


Let’s see if we can hit the $7000 stretch goal in the next 2 days, which is around what it’ll take to make me believe the final stretch goal will be possible ^_^

Best wishes,


6 thoughts on “A Chance at a Postcard from Martin

  1. You keep adding stretch goals for getting more cover art and publishing more things. That is great! But could you please make sure that you keep enough of the money to cover food, medicine, and so on? I would be happy to contribute more if the stretch goal was writer income. I’m not as into contributing to the artist’s income. :)

  2. This project does not have allocated funds for my income! I am sorry. My income comes from the books being more popular, owing to eyecatch covers, and from any popularity filtering in if books.hitherby.com gets popular thanks to Tony’s art.

    The upcoming Chuubo’s kickstarter will have allocated funds for my income, I suspect, simply because people have asked for it.

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