Forthcoming: Enemies Endure

I have a new novel coming relatively soon—I’ve just finished the “junk whole sections and revise whole characters” stage of editing and am moving on to the “read over and over again, tweaking paragraphs, sentences, and words as I go” stage.

This is Enemies Endure.

It’s a ~163,000 word Hitherby legend from late chapter 2 and early chapter 3; it’s mostly new content, but some key parts are revised versions of existing legends.

I’m still making decisions on how exactly I’m going to proceed—things like:

* will I serialize it or just release it in ePub/createSpace form?
* will I focus on getting the ePub out or the print form out?
* will I kickstart, stick with stuff I can do myself, or both?

Once it’s out, then I’ll be taking the Unclean Legacy off sale, and possibly having a sale on Fable of the Swan. Or … not!

This is also a reminder that Unclean Legacy is currently available in print form from CreateSpace (see sidebar), and that there is a forthcoming Nobilis supplement:

minibook 1i, a Diary of Deceivers
(176pp, currently written, edited, mostly laid out, and about … 80%? art-complete?)

Because apparently when I sit down to just write a little bit about Deceivers, literally aiming for a 32-page supplement to dump out there for .99, a beautiful 176-page book is what happens. It’s actually going to be awesome; it’s just kind of goofy how unexpected it was. ^_^

More details on that as they come in.

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2 thoughts on “Forthcoming: Enemies Endure

  1. Two unrelated comments! Firefox is giving me a “Reported Attack Page” warning on Chibi-Ex. And I was going to Chibi-Ex to try to see if I could find author email addresses, to let you know about a full copy of Nobilis I found online. :\ I feel obligated to report that kind of thing when I discover it, but I don’t know how.

    I wish I had more cheerful news! A Hitherby-related novel, in any form, is very exciting.

  2. Curses! I thought I’d fixed Chibi-Ex. :(

    That’s depressing, because not having done so means that I can’t fix it, I have to get someone else to. (Works on that.)

    You may email me at my first name, and then a period, and then my last name, at

    Best wishes,


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