Short Story for Fighting for Gwen; Unclean Legacy up on CreateSpace


I’ve contributed a short story to Fighting for Gwen, because …

Well, a lot of reasons. Mostly, Elizabeth was really kind to me on a few occasions, and Shreyas too. Plus, Gwen sounds awesome.

I just heard back that (a) I am pointing at the correct link to publicize; and (b) that my story is going out on the 30th of this month. So there you are!

It’s called the Prince’s Rule, it’s a pretty awesome fairy-tale romp, and I guess that the cheapest way to get it is to donate $10 to what will eventually turn either into helping the Sampats or helping autistic people in general, which should get you at least three other stories by other people too.


In other news: I can’t get a copy to look it over myself right now, so I don’t want to do a serious sales push until I hear back from someone who bought it, but is An Unclean Legacy in print form.

Best wishes,


6 thoughts on “Short Story for Fighting for Gwen; Unclean Legacy up on CreateSpace

  1. Yay!

    Please let me know when you get it whether there’s any issues or whether I can safely start promoting the heck out of it. ^_^

    (I assume there are no issues. I just worry because I can’t *know.*)

    Best wishes,


  2. I got it! Actually, it arrived couple of days ago, but I haven’t had time to look at it yet. I still haven’t had time to read it, but as a physical object it looks fine, with the possible exception that when I flip through I see that some words and phrases are written with strike-through. This could make sense as a special effect in some cases — e.g. “She [will not last” on page 298, with “will not last” struck-through — but in most cases, it doesn’t seem to. I noticed it on pages 260, 276, 298, 322, and 334, although I haven’t searched through the whole thing.

    It’s quite a large piece of text, put together like this. Do you want general comments on the format, in case you format another book? I never can figure out what would be helpful, but please take this as an attempt to be helpful. :) The book is of a slightly odd size, as is familiar to me from the one time I tried to self-publish something: a bit larger than a softcover, but not a hardcover. I know nothing about typography, unfortunately, but I prefer slightly thicker, easier-to-read typefaces — like what Tor books are generally printed in, for instance, whatever that is. There’s often a lot of white space at the end of time / place sections (i.e. what were once daily posts) that is emphasized by the longer than usual length of the pages: maybe the time / place entries could not have a page break between them, except whenever we go to a new main chapter (i.e. generally a new person)?

    Thanks for putting it in a physical book!

  3. Yay! All those strikethroughs are correct; I used it stylistically when someone didn’t get a chance to finish a sentence.

  4. My print copy arrived a few days ago, and it’s great!

    I tried to read it in the kindle format, but, not having a kindle, it was awkward. Ever try holding a full laptop like you would a book while lying in bed? Well, don’t. It looks silly! The print format is much easier to read that way :D

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