Fable of the Swan Available Monday; Unclean Legacy on Sale

On Monday I am releasing a new book: Fable of the Swan. It’ll appear on DriveThruFiction, the Kindle store, and Smashwords; some of those versions might sneak through as early as “in the next few minutes or hours.” I don’t know!

Here’s the summary:


A world fell into the void. It put down roots there.

Somewhere in that world is Town. Its main urban center is Horizon, all overbuilt and Gothic. That’s where Principal Entropy keeps his School. He’s God or the Devil, the stories say, although they’re a bit ambiguous on which.

I started School about 5 years ago. I’ve known Kseniya pretty much that whole time—a foot taller than me, stronger than all the boys, with the blood of giants and magicians coming down to her from both sides. I didn’t meet most of the others until a year or two later—not Vanessa, who wanders the basements like a spirit in a wan white dress; not Giselle, who’s something of a fiend for checkers; not Mikhael, who does chemistry for Lee Scathing and is a bona fide Christian; and certainly not Elya, who I can’t actually remember but who probably was nice.

Mom was a scientist—I mean, ordinary science, I mean, clean science, not the other stuff. I don’t have as much to remember Dad or Desmond by.

This is the story of my first kiss, how I was struck by a dodgeball and achieved enlightenment, and how and why I plan to turn into a brass cephalopodan war machine and rip up Death.

I’m kind of the boring one, though; it’s really rather more about my friends.

Fable of the Swan is the first book in the “Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine” transmedia project, with more books and RPG products forthcoming from Jenna Katerin Moran and Eos Press.


I’m also putting An Unclean Legacy on sale for a bit—ideally until my next book release—at $.99. If you’ve been curious, now’s a good time to pick it up!

I’ll add a link to all this on the sidebar soon.

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10 thoughts on “Fable of the Swan Available Monday; Unclean Legacy on Sale

  1. Hi!

    I’ve bought both of these (and recommended them to some friends as well). One suggestion: lots of people i know read on iPads. They can use the Kindle App – but I’m wondering if it might also be a smart decision to sell these in the iBookstore as well. (I prefer the iBooks app to the Kindle app, and I’m not alone in this, which is why I mention it.)

  2. I think it is possible that Smashwords has already released them to the Apple store; how would I check?

  3. I just searched from within iTunes, and came up with nothing for either “Unclean Legacy”, “Fable of the Swan” or “Jenna Katerin Moran”. I assume something would have shown up if they were published.

  4. It would appear that they didn’t get shipped to the iTunes store until 3/30 and 4/12—I think that’s when I formally gave them Smashwords ISBNs. I’m a bit puzzled that Unclean Legacy isn’t up yet, but I should probably assume it’s just being slow for another month or so.

  5. err… Utterly off topic, but has some Ne’er-do-well done something to Chibi-ex? Every time I try to access it I am force-redirected to a spam page.

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