Aside in January 2012: “Knocking on Death’s Door” (attempt 1)

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6 thoughts on “Aside in January 2012: “Knocking on Death’s Door” (attempt 1)

  1. I hope this wasn’t too demoralizing. I’m not much of an artist, but in gaming I know the feeling when I lose an hour of progress because I didn’t hit a checkpoint. And Hitherby is so much more precious than trying to rescue Tiem from the Tower of Nido. :\

  2. It was really only about 2d4 demoralization dice, but I was down to like 6 morale and it took me out. I’ll let you know when the next round starts and I’m back. It’s possible that I’m feeling better already and just haven’t noticed because of one-off random bits of awfulness each day for the past four days after the day when I thought things were better.

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