15 thoughts on “Not Actually a Letters Column in December 2011: O.M.G.

  1. Oh, wow, that’s awesome. I don’t suppose you plan to release these in epub format as well? If not I’ll buy ’em in Kindle format for sure, but if there’s an option for epub I’d take it.

    Very much looking forward to these.

  2. Here’s the ePub status!

    There’ll probably be a PDF of Invasion available through Eos or DriveThruComics or something. There may be an ePub at some point, although it’s pure images.

    I have a good ePub for Unclean Legacy but the one I have the power to distribute through Smashwords is not as good. It’s OK. I’m still working on it but I may have gotten it as good as it gets, dunno yet.

    Anyway, Unclean Legacy is available through Smashwords if you don’t like Kindle and want an ePub now, and will probably eventually be available in that format at Barnes & Noble.

  3. Oh my. It’s good to know Unclean Legacy may be getting the love and attention it deserves. I’ve just been re-reading it, and it’s such a good piece.

  4. On the Amazon links that Dr. Moran gave, you can read a preview of the first many pages of Unclean Legacy. I’m finding that I really like the re-worked parts of the story so far. They look like they’ll make the work more contained and polished.

    I’ll have to buy and read the rest when I’m at my own computer!

  5. Note that the new Unclean Legacy is revised and 75% longer than it was. ^_^

    Also note that Invasion is going to be a #$%*(# modern *classic*. Elizabeth Sherry accidentally a whole awesome.

  6. I’m now about halfway through the expanded book, and am quite liking it.

    I notice that there is mention made of “seven realms”, and I can’t help noticing that there are seven children. And yes, it looks like we can connect each children to a realm. Some of the realms seem to be in a state of opposition, and the equivalent children are paired up.

    The argent realm is Manfred, who wears white armor. The onyx realm is Elisabet the shadow demon. Manfred and Elisabet fight each other more than once.

    When Christine claims her house, we’re told that its blue-tinted windows are like her blue eyes. Sophie fights the devil and takes the red realm into herself.

    Violet connects to the violet realm through her name.

    It’s not obvious what the sixth and seventh realms are, but they could be Heaven and Earth, which would correspond nicely to Tomas and Francescu — who don’t seem to be in conflict as such, but who are definitely seen together at the story’s start, and later.

  7. Now and again I try to connect the children to the various realms. It’s deliberately kind of messy, but you can definitely get close enough that the last few decisions represent meaningful interpretational choices. ^_^

  8. Strictly speaking silver and argent are identified with Heaven; the degree to which white qualifies is ambiguous.

  9. Oh, absolutely. You’re supposed to see them as synonyms. Just making sure you also noticed the sloppiness of that synonyming.

    At one point I went to do a pass to make absolutely sure that I’d never used white when I meant argent or vice versa and my instincts told me that I’d gotten the important ones and it was better to leave it a lumpy and muddy distinction in the few cases where I missed.

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