4 thoughts on “(Bonus) Nobilis Update

  1. At least you know, and so do we. I would almost say I can’t wait to see the game, but I can -and will!- because it sounds awesome enough to be worth it.

  2. Well, I’m glad it’s still in the works, anyhow. One question: Is this a big rewrite of the mechanics, or are the rules that have come out so far going to be largely compatible with the new version.

    I ask because I was planning to run the beginning of a new campaign around the holidays. I’m thinking that if the rules change substantially I’ll just wait so as to avoid making new players learn two sets of rules. Any advice? Either way, I’m excited for the new edition and will definitely buy it.

  3. It’s basically the same game, but it’s probably better to start with the new edition if you don’t mind waiting. Rules changes include:

    * you’re no longer outright immune to direct miracles, but have a lot of control over how much and in what fashion they affect you. Ongoing and unwanted effects are treated as a sort of wound, so the severity determines how hard it is to fight it off or turn it into an advantage.
    * there are two new Attributes, replacing Realm and Spirit.
    * there’s a new subsystem, Afflictions, which among other things protect certain features of your character with an Auctoritas;
    * there’s a new subsystem, Bonds, which are cooler than the old Bonds, and among other things give you free “Strike” (functionally like, but a little better than, penetration in Nob2) when acting in certain ways.
    * there are stronger mortals rules.
    * Auctoritas works differently.

    And some other stuff.

    Best wishes,


  4. Wow, sounds like a decent amount of changes. Thanks for the update–very helpful. I’ll hold off and spend the extra time plotting and planning, on the assumption that the core ideas stay more or less the same.

    Thanks so much–I’m really looking forward to this and can personally guarantee you’ll sell two copies of the essentials at the very least! :)


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