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Here’s a promo I didn’t get to prepare formally and release at GenCon because I got really sick. I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention that other people got really sick too. Anyway, mostly better and about halfway through post-playtest revisions now, about a week later than I’d planned.

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  2. I’m not sure it’s come up in canon yet. The most you could have observed is that Bob and Ii Ma are very similar kinds of gods.

  3. Oh, sweet! (And…just got back from Gencon — was Eos even -at- Gencon? Didn’t find them or run into Brad) So, a Hitherby Dragons book, Nobilis: The Essentials, Nobilis: Principles volume 1: The Royalty of Heaven, and Nobilis: Campaigns: Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine? -nice-

  4. Shit yes. This is incredibly welcome. Definitely will pick up the Hitherby book, and I think, given what I’ve seen, I’ll probably grab the Nobilis ones even though I do already have the GWB; the updated rules of course will be nice, but as an added bonus they sound like they will be a lot easier on the introducing-new-people-to-Nobilis front.

  5. It’s not clear. Sid calls him Mr. Thumbscrews in


    but that doesn’t mean it’s a proper name—Sid has many different forms of sarcasm and teasing potentially available to him.

    I used it in the promo because it’s a good name for him as a mythic figure; I assume it’s also a nickname for him in such contexts in canon, which may include certain legends, water-cooler talk at Central, and so forth.

  6. Well, this is something(s) to look forward to.

    Also, the first of the Nobilis line will allow me to answer the question “What do you want for your birthday?” from at least one person, unless I get impatient and pre-empt them.

  7. Dear Jenna

    I wrote you some time ago regarding illustration work for Nobilis
    – are you still interested in seeing some samples ?
    regards, C

  8. Did I flake on figuring out how to look at them? *^_^*;;

    Anyway, sure, I’m interested. Send me a PM on rpg.net and I’ll send you my email address and then we can work out whatever.

    We have a full slate of artists but I’m always willing to try to work SOMETHING out with someone who contacts me. ^_^

    Best wishes,


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