(Bonus) Mrs. Schiff, in Nobilis

Mrs. Schiff's Imperator Bubbles!

Mrs. Schiff

True God(dess)


Aspect 0 (6 AMP)
Domain 3 (Becoming/Unfurling) (6 DMP)
Domain 0 (Form, Motion, Sacrifice)

Persona 0 (Form, Motion, Sacrifice, Becoming/Unfurling) (6 PMP)
Treasure 1 (6 TMP)


[3] Affliction: I make gods when emptied. Active Immortality
[3] Bond: I am stronger than this. Glorious
[3] Bond: Mr. Schiff Skill: Theatre 3
[2] Bond: Ascetic Passion: The Practice of Austerities 3
[1] Bond: Dreams Passion: Storytelling 2


I feel guilty on what amount to feminist grounds that Mrs. Schiff is less interesting, in current canon and currently-thought-through secrets, than Mr. Schiff. But her character sheet is not the place to fix that.

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4 thoughts on “(Bonus) Mrs. Schiff, in Nobilis

  1. Let’s say it’s an Imperial miracle off of “intertwined with other things.” She didn’t digest it, just tangled herself around it until it couldn’t find the edge. She had a moderate amount of time, and she’s practiced this one.

    It’s why I statted her as a True God.

    I have to admit that as a matter of Hitherby lore, rather than Nobilis lore, I’d flow it out of people of salt instead. But that’s a distraction, as far as understanding Nobilis goes.

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  2. To be honest, I find Mrs. Schiff more interesting than Mr. Schiff, even though her character gets fewer screen time. She has a sort of intriguing mystical outlook, whereas Mr. Schiff seems to be most interesting when he is forced by Circumstances to do things he would rather not, which hasn’t precisely happened yet (at least, not on stage).

    Although it’s possible that certain interesting things about Mr. Schiff are currently lost in the archives, to be rediscovered when the publishing of Hitherby comes about, in which case, mea culpa.

  3. Mrs. Schiff is pretty much made of awesome, but not so much drama. I think she may have actually found her answers before Martin even came on the scene. That may change, or it may not; I haven’t seen the structure for chapters four and five yet in my head.

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