(Bonus) Mr. Schiff, in Nobilis

Mr. Schiff's Imperator Bubbles!

Mr. Schiff



Aspect 0 (6 AMP)
Domain 2 (Destruction) (6 DMP)
Domain 0 (Storms, Astronomical Objects, Truth, Control)

Persona 1 (Destruction, Truth) (6 PMP)
Persona 0 (Storms, Astronomical Objects, Control)
Treasure 1 (6 TMP)


[3] Affliction: Invincible. Active Immortality
[3] Bond: Untainted. Glorious
[3] Bond: Mrs. Schiff Skill: Geology Teacher 3
[2] Bond: Renunciate Passion: Mild-Mannered 2
[1] Bond: Divine Regalia Passion: Student of Kings 2
[1] Bond: The World Cool 1
Shine 1
Skill: Theatre 0


Nobilis is out of playtesting, updated accordingly, and off to editing. ^_^

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2 thoughts on “(Bonus) Mr. Schiff, in Nobilis

  1. Somehow, all those circles are even more confusing now that I know what they do, rather than the other way around. Hopefully this is a trait common to Hitherby characters but not to Imperators generally.

    Congratulations on defeating our complaints and quibbles; they were truly the worst and most deadly I could conjure! Here’s some wishes for making your announced date, even if I don’t quite understand how it’s physically possible. :)

  2. Interesting that he doesn’t appear to have a magical ability to speak with stones or read them or anything. No Geology appears in his Persona or Domain. Interesting too that he is Za’afiel, unless you mean that if he is an Angel, the Angel that suits him most is that one who is named Za’afiel.

    I’m still wondering who Claire is. My old and fairly random guess of Persephone is yet to be disproven, even if it lacks any support whatsoever from the canon material.

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