(Bonus) Sid, in Nobilis


Excrucian Strategist

This is an Excrucian Strategist whose dharma is incompatible with the world’s.


Aspect 7 (7 AMP)
Domain —
Persona —
Treasure 3 (7 TMP)


[4] Affliction: My thoughts are knives. Durant
[4] Affliction: Max. Elusive
[3] Bond: Slacker. Eternal
[2] Bond: I hide in a body made of clay, and wear a feather in its hair. Glorious
[2] Bond: I wield a wheel of knives. Soul-Carving “Sword”
[1] Affliction: I have chosen to forgive. Wayfinder
Worldwalker (+5 Strike)
World-Breaker’s Hand


In Nob3, Strategists don’t really have a way to stay in the world for good; even dying’s not enough!

That makes me sad for Sid. But! Nobilis is the kind of game where you can change that in play with enough spent Destiny, so I’m just going to lump it under “things that could be fixed by a Jane victory.” Or possibly even just under the outcome of the Island of the Centipede arc; depends on what happens if Sid gets slaughtered by something bigger than a siggort between now and the end of the story, I suppose.

Best wishes,

who’ll have to be well and productive for a long time before Hitherby really gets going again and finishes, in part because she needs healthy financial and social life for that as well as functional brain, but does admit that she expects to pick it up again.

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  1. Can’t wait. These Nob3 versions of the characters have the same nice balance of illuminating and creating further mysteries that the Hitherby Tarot did.

    Is there any chance of a PDF release of Hitherby Chapter One anytime soon, or is it still complicated because of an Eos deal? I’ve been meaning to do a reread, and a PDF would just make that a much more pleasant process.

  2. but does admit that she expects to pick it up again.

    Oh! OH! Oh, that makes me very happy!

  3. Me too. (As long as the RSS feed is working, I’ll be here waiting.)

  4. Cool!

    Hmm. Ok, so -why- are all the Hitherby protags excrucians?

    Are Excrucians going to be a playable character type in Nob3?

  5. More generally, no, Excrucians are not going to be a playable character type; I may make a book for them someday, but they’re not PCs as such.

    They’re a lot closer to viable as PCs these days, though!

  6. I understand why the company of Gibbelins’ Tower are Excrucians; I am not sure the arguments apply to Liril. Is she going to appear in this series? If not, I will make my own speculations, otherwise I will wait until her entry appears.

  7. Huh! Interesting. I was thinking of Sid as an Unworldly Noble whom Max was summoning. But, Excrution Strategist makes a lot sense too, especially since Siggorts like Sid ARE a part of creation. They’re just the unwanted part that Uri left in a box.

    “Worldwalker (+5 Strike)” has me wondering if the mechanics are changing significantly, as that modifier makes me think of the WotG combat system. I’ll have to wait and see!

  8. Liril will probably appear in this series, but I want to see your speculations! ^_^

    The use of the term Strike is not a coincidence; it reminded me of WotG Strike. Just a little! ^_^

  9. Ooh, speculation is fun!

    Liril: Unearthly Noble?

    I’m not sure what Persona or Treasure are yet, but I’d guess she’d have far more of those two (especially Treasure) than Aspect or Domain. I’ll speculate that her Estates would have to do with Surrender and Resolve. Speculations for her Bonds/Afflictions:

    – Affliction: My volition was taken from me.
    – Bond: Micah.
    – Affliction: I make gods when emptied.
    – Affliction: I am scared.
    – Bond: I won’t give up.
    – Bond: I wield that which has wounded me.
    (Not just The Thorn that Does Not Kill, but she also wields Tainted John and other sources of her scars. I see her as one who knows the fey alchemy of turning one’s wounds into power.)
    – Affliction: The monster won’t forget me.

    I’m not sure how transforming people, such as she did to make that girl a Merin, would be modeled. I guess that would be a Domain miracle? Possibly a gift?


  10. Hm, Liril isn’t an outsider in the way the Gibbelin’s Tower troupe is, so she isn’t an Excrucian. I don’t think she’s a Power, either. In a way, she’s like a mirror to Jane (and it seems as though they ought rightly to be on the same tier of existence), but she’s sort of a real and ongoing example of the kinds of things that happen in Jane’s stories. Perhaps she’s an Imperial Anchor, like the Deluges?

  11. Liril is probably another Magistra of the Wild; just, not a Mimic. I don’t want to just reuse an Imperator type you’ve already seen, but . . . well . . .

    There’s something to be said for her as an Aaron’s Serpent except that she is not a hundreds-of-miles-long snake. That’s always the problem with statting people up as them. ^_^

  12. Aaron’s Serpents are the Realm stat of Imperators: they are filled with naturally-occurring cool, but unless you got up that morning and decided “I want to make an Aaron’s Serpent,” your desired concept would probably end up leading you towards a different flavor of Ymera.

  13. Hmm. Have to wonder, with that basis, why are Aaron’s Serpents all serpents rather, than, say, Wyrms? There’s a lot of variation in Dragons — and I could easily see defining Aaron’s Serpents as varieties of True Dragon (and they’re already sortakinda opposities of True Gods, in a fashion).

  14. There’s no particular reason, I think. When Aaron threw down his rod (which was also a flowering tree) and turned it into a serpent, it was so large it easily devoured the rod-serpents of the Egyptian priesthood.

    . . .

    so, anyway

    . . .

    The funny thing is that I was young enough back then that I probably didn’t even see the symbolism. “Snakes bigger than any other snakes? Awesome! That could be an Imperator.”

    Later, they mostly became the Hesperian Dragon in my head, but the idea of hundred-mile-long snakes that grow on trees is so far over the top that I never could make myself turn them into something more mythically sensible. Like, you could drive on their back. For HOURS. I guess that element is a bit of Jonah’s whale/initiatory animal of them.

    It’d be cool to make them dragons, but something would be lost.

  15. “Aaron’s Serpents are the Realm stat of Imperators: they are filled with naturally-occurring cool, but unless you got up that morning and decided “I want to make an Aaron’s Serpent,” your desired concept would probably end up leading you towards a different flavor of Ymera.” – Mr. Rand Brittain

    Dunno, when I want a genuinely morally good (from a human perspective) Imperator, they generally end up in my head as a Serpent of Aaron even when they start out as an Angel or Lightlord. Then I have to deal with the fact that the character has turned into a giant serpent, but, eh, it happens.

    My view of Heaven doesn’t have much humanity in it. There just isn’t room, with all that beauty, for creatures as imperfect as us. My view of Heaven doesn’t cull humanity leaving as small of a remnant as possible only because it was told not to by the Voice of Cneph.

    My view of the Light is also not really filled with Good Samaritans. When I make a Lightlord, they’re usually the condescending sort who don’t really realize that humans are sentient, like animal rights activists who force their pet obligate carnivore felines to eat vegan. Unlike Heaven, they protect humanity because they want to, not because they were told to, but they do it *their* way. They don’t care what we think is best for us because we are children and they know better, and if they could save all of humanity by locking us in a stasis capsule, they’d do so in a heartbeat. And, they’ll use any dirty immoral tricks they can do achieve those ends, like medieval Crusaders saving the souls of the heathens.

    But the Serpents in my interpretation of the source material, they’re all like, “Don’t lie, respect life, calm the hell down, don’t take shit that ain’t yours, stop setting my great-grand-nieces on fire, and get the hell off my lawn before I eat you!” There’s nothing really selfish in their common Code elements, though those aren’t necessarily shared by all Serpents. The five “core” Codes all put some mythic concept as more important than *anything*, including human virtue, whereas the Serpents apparently tend to elevate human virtues (respect, honesty, serenity, et cetera), or at least the lack of human vices (lack of greed, lack of pyromania, et cetera).

    To me, when I make an Imperator, I find that True Gods are the “Realm Stat” of that process. I only make one if I plan to from the beginning, because others just gravitate toward one of the six others.

  16. Since you asked, my speculations about Liril.
    A note in advance: I am aware that I am probably wrong, if by “wrong” one means that much of my interpretation conflicts with things the author likely intended. You interpret fiction through your own social context, and far too little of my life has gone wrong for it to be the “correct” one here.

    So, that aside:
    Liril isn’t an Angel. She doesn’t have a jacket, and she isn’t an Aaron’s Serpent unless she’s improbably good at passing off as a human.

    She might actually be a Power of the Dark, though not a particularly active one, but I don’t think so. She does seem to be somewhat more comfortable with things that are not humans than humans. She definitely believes in letting people lose their humanity out of their own free will. But ultimately Liril is a constructive force and the Dark isn’t.

    Is she a Lightlord? No, or at least not a very good one. She turns a human into something that isn’t a human for no obviously better reason than that the human asked nicely.

    Is she a Wildlord? It is a tempting proposition. After all, Liril’s story is defined by the fact that she is free and what she does to remain so. She cares about the freedom of others, too (“I don’t like cages”). But is she a Wildlord? “Sanity and mundanity are prisons?” To me Liril seems to like mundanity. She’s quite happy to be a normal child and have Micah as her brother until events intrude. No, I think Liril is a True God – which is reasonable since she’s certainly the character whose motivations are the hardest to understand – and that her attachment to Freedom comes from it being one of her Estates.

    As an aside, I would have given Liril Hope, but the idea that Barack Obama is one of Liril’s Sovereign Powers is too difficult for me to contemplate.

    Liril (Nobilis 2.5ish, since I’ve left her stats as things I understand)

    True God

    Aspect 0
    Domain 5 (Defiance, Mercy, Freedom)
    Realm 0
    Spirit 2

    Gift: Immutable
    Gift: Fortunate
    Bond: Micah
    Affliction: I make gods when emptied
    Affliction: I don’t like cages
    Affliction: Latch
    Affliction: I keep trying to help everyone but it never works
    Affliction: I won’t give up

  17. Heehee. That’s pretty solid. Overbudget for modern Imperators; I made rules for Imperial miracles and so was able to cut their point budget down by a lot without feeling they were weak. ^_^ But you couldn’t have known.

  18. One supposes I should have said True Goddess. Oh well. I’m not sure gender is something that entirely applies to Ymerae anyway.

    In any case, I rather consciously left Liril on a second edition scale, because I felt trying to guess what your new rules meant would probably cause spectacular misinterpretation. I’m a bit nervous about the weakening of Imperators on the noble miracles scale, but a) I trust you as a game designer (I really must buy Weapons of the Gods at some point, except then I’d have to try and find some time to actually play it) , and b) if we’re getting more rules about Imperators (we seem to be getting more rules in general) then they’ll probably be more powerful anyway, since Imperial Miracles were a bit hard to use in Nobilis 2nd.

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