(Bonus) Prince Corwin of Amber, in Nobilis

Prince Corwin

Power of the One True World

Mixing things up today! There’ll be more Hitherby cast at some point, but today, in response to a request over at rpg.net, an Amberite.

The way I’d handle Amberites:

  • They’re all Powers of “the One True World” or something similar. If they had more than one Estate they wouldn’t be fighting over it all the time.
  • Their improved stamina and strength is considered mundane—any Aspect levels are over and above that.


Aspect 1 (10 AMP)
Domain 0 (10 DMP)
Persona 3 (10 PMP)
Treasure 2 (10 TMP)



Bonds and Afflictions

[4] Bond: My dirty tricks are effective.
[2] Bond: I’m drawn to Deirdre.
[2] Bond: I hate Prince Eric.
[2] Affliction: Amnesiac. [I must have troubles I don’t know about.]
[1] Affliction: Scion of Amber.
[1] Bond: I’m drawn to the kingdom of Avalon.
[1] Bond: I claim Grayswandir, the Night Blade.
[1] Bond: I’m fond of my horse Star.

Passions and Skills

Superior Quality: Strength 1
Superior Quality: Stamina 2
Skill: Swordsmanship 2
Skill: Military Leader 1
Skill: Unreliable Narrator 1
Cool 1
Shine 3

5 thoughts on “(Bonus) Prince Corwin of Amber, in Nobilis

  1. “..of the Pattern”, I think. In Nobilis 2nd terms they have impressive

  2. err, that was supposed to continue “…Spirit, or alternatively you can do things with Domain miracles of the Pattern that have a similar effect to an Auctorictas”.

  3. It occurrs to me that Benedict may be the Power of Warfare. Since he isn’t one of the ones fighting over the Estate of Amber all the time, it makes sense.

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