(Bonus) Iphigenia, in Nobilis


Sun Goddess

(Superior) Sun Goddess 4
Passion: I *like* people 2
Passion: I don’t want to be eaten 1
Passion: I want things to be right and proper 1
Skill: Theatre 0


This is a pretty minimalist take. It could very easily be argued that she has properly miraculous powers, but that’d either mean that Mr. Sun from her origin is her Imperator; or that somebody from Central is (blagh!); or that the Sun falls under Jane’s purview; which I don’t think it ought.

Instead being the sun makes it possible for her to do many of the things she does as level 0-4 mundane actions, and acts as an untraceable invisible always-with-her very-long-range super-accurate rocket launcher when she gets into a fight, which would be great if she ever fought the kind of people that such things are useful against voluntarily.

I mean, if you were playing a Hitherby Dragons game using the Nobilis engine, and a player wanted to be Iphigenia, totally, she’s a Power, but for maximum setting fidelity, this, I think, is a more accurate build. ^_^

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5 thoughts on “(Bonus) Iphigenia, in Nobilis

  1. I love it! Superior attributes look like they’ve been modified interestingly, since I wouldn’t expect the motions of being a sun goddess to be a non-miraculous Aspect miracle. More like a non-miraculous Domain miracle. I guess she doesn’t have the Sovereign’s Gift (you totally have her moving sunbeams around) because this sort of “Superior Domain” replaces it (or, in this case, makes it redundant)?

  2. I’ve been editing live so you might also want to reload for the latest version. ^_^

    Yeah, Superior Attributes are no longer strictly tied to Aspect. I tightened up how Aspect interacted with things like light spirits and when I was done I no longer felt mundane abilities needed to be yoked to the Aspect chart or expressed as Gifts.

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  3. I suppose Jane is somewhat sunny, but she isn’t really the progenitor of sunlike things, no. Also if her god-making ability encompasses Powers then game balance is just going to go out the window, and Liril seems to be even more prolific. Nobody wants that!

    …except the monster, and quite possibly Martin, and Jane probably wouldn’t say no to cosmic power if you offered it because hey, shiny, and you know what, let’s just agree not to tell them.

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