(Dreaming Waters)

I’ve been working on this for a couple of months. It distracted me from Fairies.

It needs another month and a half, I think; regrettably, I don’t think I have that. I’m getting sick again; I need to find a new home before the month is out; and if I take Eos’ offer of some time in China, even if everything else is marvelous, I don’t have any way to obtain a supply of ritalin that’ll last me through an extended trip, so work won’t be happening there. ^_^

That’s not to say it’s impossible that I’ll come back to this. I just can’t afford to keep working on it and burn up all my available energy and time when I don’t have the resources to replace or supplement that energy and time, and by the time I do I’ll be writing different things. So, without further ado, Dreaming Waters (incomplete) and a list of what I had planned for it but didn’t have time to do.

I am still deciding whether to release the rest of the draft of Society of Flowers as well this weekend; if so, I obviously won’t have time for much in the way of editing and none for layout.

Dreaming Waters

Dreaming Waters: the Leftover Bits

Warning: PDF is a near-full RPG, albeit artless, so it is fairly large.

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5 thoughts on “(Dreaming Waters)

  1. China! It’s good that you may be getting a vacation soon. China-China or Hong Kong- isn’t that where the gentleman who runs Eos is from? I suppose you may as well see the whole place if you’re there.

    Either way, after a week of giving out gifts, you deserve something nice for yourself, so remember to eat plenty of noodles while you’re gone. Because noodles are delicious.

  2. Jenna; thanks for the uploaded content. Looking forward to looking into
    it. I noticed that you mentioned artwork in a previous post.
    Would you be interested in seeing a selection of Nobilis related
    artworks that I have done? I could upload it on my page and send you
    a direct link.
    Cheers. C

  3. Sure. ^_^

    My schedule’s a bit indeterminate right now so it might be a while before I see it and/or respond.

  4. That´s fine, the same here really.
    If you send me a personal email address :
    contact(ad )skalpafloi.net
    I will send you a direct link as soon as it´s up.

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