7 thoughts on “Wisher-Theurgist-Fatalist

  1. I spent several hours yesterday reading through WTF. Then I suffered revelation; my fate became clear. It was necessary that I play WTF! For this purpose I am currently attempting to gather friends.

    This task is made somewhat more difficult by the fact that few of my friends have play RPGs before, and none, this fact including myself as well, have played indie RPGs.

    My efforts continue.

    (Also, I am very very happy to see you posting things on Hitherby again, even if they are not, as such, Hitherby. Felt I should mention that.)

  2. This is why conversations are hard to carry on in comments threads!

    Ambiguity, if you ever show up here again, you can contact me at “nick (dot) feinberg (at) (google’s webmail service)”. It’s not likely, but I live in hope!

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