Letters Column for December 2006: Postscript

I forgot to mention; donations for the month also included _Okami_.

I really should have mentioned, since it’s proving a good source of inspiration for a project I’m doing; so, thank you!*

* and apologies to anyone whom I have neglected in the way of thank you notes for other things; I haven’t figured out quite what format to thank people in yet, but that’s no excuse for letting some of you wait this long without response.


3 thoughts on “Letters Column for December 2006: Postscript

  1. Okami is easily the most awesome game I’ve played in a long time. The whole thing just keeps getting cooler and more fun the farther you get, which is a really hard trick to pull off!

  2. By the way, I’ve finally put together a sort-of-OK Lulu.com copy of a book of poetry I wrote for my kids. I’d like to send you (by whom I mean Dr. Rebecca Borgstrom) one. Do you have an address that I can have Lulu ship one to, that you can send me through Email (to rpuchalsky@att.net)? If you’d rather not send out an address, which I’d find quite understandable, then I can figure out how to make it purchaseable through secret Web link only (since I’m not sure if it’s quite right yet) and then donate the money to you to buy it.

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