The Cut (4 of 5)

The imago hangs in its cocoon.

“I bet it’s a bug,” Martin says. “Like, the kind that grow in dead things.”

Jane pokes at it nervously.

“She is not,” Jane says.

“It wriggles around squirmily in the case,” Martin says. “Then burst! It bursts out! It eats the corpse!”

He drops a bit of squirmy chaos dust on the back of Jane’s neck.

Jane shrieks.

She flails. The knife in Jane’s hand slashes out. It cuts the membrane holding the imago in. Light leaks out.

“Oh, that’s so totally your fault,” Martin says.

9 thoughts on “The Cut (4 of 5)

  1. Now that the wheel of life has circled around and all that, here’s what is still missing:

    Merin. The news box over to the right doesn’t have space for long pieces.

    That angel picture. Did you really want to get rid of the angel picture?

    Some good way of letting people do discussions that aren’t tied to an entry. (I assume that maps are going to go away and be replaced by something?)

  2. Also: A “preview” feature rather than just “submit comment” and/or some way to edit one’s own comments.

    …So now we know why it said “4 of 5”. I love it when we can see how Rebecca pre-plans things.

  3. ““She is not,” Jane says.”
    He! My eyes skimmed right over that on the first read. That is _totally_ not the pronoun Jane used last time, is it?

    Funny thing is, last time this entry appeared, I was all “Could it be… _her_? (click) Drat, it’s just a site upgrade.” I’m all giddy.

    (Yeah, a preview/edit function would be nice if it’s possible.)

  4. It’s all suspenseful! At least this updates every day instead of once a week. Thank you Rebecca for sharing your stories!

    Did the first version of this entry disappear? I can’t quite remember when the Imago appeared, and the old Hitherby is gone, but I haven’t found it scrolling through the last three months. (I still miss the title list page of the previous archive.)

    Hey, I finally took in the picture at the top of the page. Every time I’d looked at it before I’d thought it was something with ice cubes, but now I see that it’s broken pieces of that kind of glass with embedded wire that’s supposed to strengthen it.

  5. Thanks GoldenH.

    It’s interesting how the website switch has played out. I admire Rebecca’s use of the internet as a unique medium to support the story’s plot.

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