On Politics

Secretly King Log never resigned his post.

He rules us still.

Ah! The vanity, the hubris of mortal Kings, Queens, and Emperors, to think they rule, while in his murky depths still rests King Log.

3 thoughts on “On Politics

  1. Rather off topic here, sorry. I just took a nap and had a dream about an evil witch queen who was creating people to do various tasks for her and in the dream I thought, “She’s like the monster from Hitherby.” Hitherby Dragons has permeated my subconscious. Cool.

    Do you dream about Hitherby characters sometimes, Rebecca?

    I just remembered that in the dream there was a miniature man named Bath Martin who the queen had created to clean bathtubs. That’s just strange.

  2. We could do worse. King Log is probably doing a better job than would, say, a bush.

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