No Legend Today

No legend today!
No legend today!
No legend today!

The tower is silent
Like Mortimer Stilent
Who only exists
To make that line rhyme.

The curtain has fallen
Like poor Flora Pallen
Who was pushed off a cliff
By Fiona the mime.

The chaos is stiller
Than Ms. Penelope Diller
Who dallies most still-ly
In loiterish crime.

And as for the chorus
We hope you adore us
For appearing just long enough
To utter this line.

4 thoughts on “No Legend Today

  1. R’becca S. Borgstrom is
    Rhyming erratically;
    Legend-less page readers
    Wait for the dawn.

    Eos will bring them then,
    Sweet little vignettes of
    Death, plague, or prawns.

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