6 thoughts on “(Quinquagesima Sunday) The Imago (2 of 2)

  1. It means Rebecca, being awesome, likes digging up obscure/obsolete religious terminology. I’ll note that the last chapter came to its explosive climax over Easter– Tre Ore– which is obviously connected with today’s title.

    It also means that the theme of multiple levels of reality is being reinforced: the “lens” breaks in the “real” hitherby world, the mirror shatters in Ink’s world, and Rebecca.Hitherby.Com “breaks” in favor of the imago in our own world.

    Have we definitively determined what the Lens is to Martin and Jane? I’ve found it really hard to read the imago formatting, and not kept up as well as I ought. Clearly it’s not integral to them viewing histories or presenting legends, as we’ve had a smattering of both since the Ink finale, and the timing on these is too clearly orchestrated for me to suspect things are just randomly out of sequence.

  2. ADamiani, that doesn’t seem to work (Assuming a Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday week structure).

    It’s a simple matter of modular arithmetic; Fifty days from Sunday is Monday. That probably refers to the resurrection, not the crucifiction. Come to think of it, wouldn’t that make sense for this chapter – seeing as crucifiction has been done already?

  3. Good point.

    You are correct, short research confirms that it does refer to the resurrection rather than the crucifiction. My understanding though is that it IS exactly 50 days, both Sundays included.

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