Ancient Kings

In the modern day, people are very unrighteous. This was not true of the Ancient Kings. The Ancient Kings brought all things into accord with Heaven using their Ancient King Stare.

Now, the Ancient King Stare is the root of all virtue, and it stems from the root chakra. It is modulated through the symbol on the Ancient King’s chest and projects outwards to civilize society. The first Ancient King is the Duke of Zhou and his symbol denotes filial piety.

When the Duke of Zhou takes off his shirt and enacts the righteousness of his symbol, then the Ancient King Stare brings filial piety to all men. The feeling of affection develops in all offspring and they learn reverential awe for their father. The teachings of this sage, without being severe, are successful.

Upon the chest of the second Ancient King is the symbol for benevolence, or “ren.” This is in the shape of a very benevolent thing. Like a clam, but even more benevolent. Possibly some sort of large-hearted purple dinosaur. When men have no benevolence, they are discontent. Struck by the Ancient King Stare of the second Ancient King, a sense of benevolence towards all living things arises. This makes them content.

Upon the chest of the third Ancient King is the symbol for war. This is the symbol of King Wu. When King Wu takes off his shirt and enacts the righteousness of his symbol, then his Ancient King Stare brings war and trouble. Parents bury their children and all manner of calamities occur. In this fashion the Ancient King Stare of King Wu the Martial King renders all unfortunate things transitory.

These are the ways of the Ancient Kings. We do not have their like today.

3 thoughts on “Ancient Kings

  1. The First King is the Duke of Zhou, the Third is King Wu. Is the Second King named?

    When I read about the First King taking off his shirt, I started expecting the story to evolve in a “boom-shaka-shaka-boom-shaka-shaka-filial-piety!” direction. Fortunately, it didn’t.

  2. I’d nominate King Wen (the Zhou founder, King Wu’s daddy) for Second King. But I wonder why the Duke of Zhou is the First King, since he became regent after King Wu died. Perhaps Ancient Kings use their sage wisdom to transcend such petty matters as chronology.

    *仁 Stare!*

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