4 thoughts on “Haiku in Flatland

  1. Flatland poetry
    Does not cause my head to hurt
    Like fourspace version

    (Hooray for recovered tech issues!)

  2. Did you mean for your character avatar to be centered in the middle below your post, or is this a glitch instead of a website style change? I’m just curious — I preferred the old style where it was on the right, beside the post.

    On a personal note, I think I’m going to live. Sometimes, I hate that, and then I forget that I’m supposed to be hating it. Oh well. Actual letters to come soon.

    Happy holidays,
    and get well out there!


  3. After a bit of puzzling it out, I think I actually GET everything that connects to everything else (having read stuff by e.e. cummings helped). I’d post my full hypothesis to see if it’s correct, or if I’m missing any hidden correlations, but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone else. Also, the proof is too small to be contained in this margin.

    Okay, one bit: It’s like two L-shapes, intersecting at a single point. Right?

    Also, many props, too many “haiku” these days miss the all-important seasonal reference.

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