14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Hitherby Dragons

  1. Congratulations! Hitherby really is a bright spot in my day, and I look forward to another excellent year.

    *happy dance and samba*

    How long do you plan to do this, anyways, if I may ask?

  2. [size=18:488afb2510”>Much love, Rebecca.
    You’ve brought enjoyment in many forms through your Hitherby columns.
    Here’s hoping life’s going well out there.
    With heartfelt thanks, I remain, as always, your Servant,
    [size=24:488afb2510”>[color=green:488afb2510”>– S –[/color:488afb2510”>[/size:488afb2510”>[/list:u:488afb2510”>

  3. If you ever brought out a collection of Hitherbys, I’d be happy to buy them. Is that still in the works? (Money being one way we show our approval in this culture.)


  4. I’ve only just discovered this place, but I’m already hopelessly hooked and in love. Happy birthday!

    I hereby present you with a celebratory bouquet of befuddles. They’re sweetly-scented and conveniently imaginary. They have the unfortunate side effect of causing confusion (unlike confusions, which are imaginary flowers that cause…other things), but it’s pleasant confusion, like the kind you experience when you fall asleep on a subway train and wake up on the back of a large, friendly ferret with iridescent wings.

    Which is not unlike the sensation reading your writing produces, so it’s appropriate!

  5. Wow, has it only been a year? The archives seemed so much longer and full of wonder and inspiration and quirky charm when I was reading through them. Here’s to many more years of the stuff.

    But please, stop putting out wonderful RPG books, because they are expensive, and I am a poor unemployed college student who can resist the fantastic delights described on the “Exalted: Fair Folk” spoiler thread for only so long. Especially after just buying Nobilis.

  6. Happy birthday, Hitherby Dragons, and many happy returns!

    (*ponders why he’s talking to a website*)


  7. This is truly a treat everyday there is a post. Now if only the books you wrote were in daily-pill format instead of “break-my-mind” format, I would feel much smarter :) Thanks for Fair Folk too, I am sure I will be reading it all month trying to figure it out.


  8. In my opinion, you are a god that walks among us, trailing streamers of fluffly light that sweep through the soul and cleanse it.

  9. Hard to believe that it’s only been a year. The entire project seems too full of brilliance to fit in such a short span. If I wasn’t so congenitally trusting, I’d find this all highly suspicious…

    Oh well! Happy birthday!

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