Once Upon a Time, There Was . . .

1. A child of a man and the principle of fate, and
3. deciding, “In my life, I shall only experience every other event,”
5. He too slept with a principle of fate.
7. And he had a son named Rival.
9. He saw that the child was beautiful, and loved him, but
11. A servant took Rival in the dead of night and carried him away.
13. In a distant place, unknowing of his father, Rival grew to a youth.
15. He learned the art of the discus.
17. He found himself in his father’s city on the day of a discus match.
19. And his father looked down from the stands. And quite by accident,
21. The father’s eyes met his son’s. “You,” he said. “You are my blood.”
23. And Rival became his heir,
25. And if time is not circular, then here the story ends.

2. If time is circular, he took the name Successor,
4. redefining time so that every other event flowed in sequence.
6. Fate grew pregnant with Successor’s child
8. And fate prophesied that this child, his Rival, would kill him.
10. Successor ordered his son slain, so his son fled—
12. Weeping bitter tears.
14. In a distant place, where his father could not find him, his Rival grew into a man.
16. When he was strong, his Rival set out in search of Successor’s home.
18. He took up a great stone disc.
20. He hurled it at his father’s head.
22. And the stone struck Successor dead.
24. And if time is circular, then the one man is the other—

7 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time, There Was . . .

  1. Sure, they work best when in sequence… But what’s the correct and/or best sequence? I’m going to have to re-read this one a number of times. x_x

  2. Wow. That is an amazingly cool piece of writing.

    /me starts trying to rearrange the story to make for the happiest ending

  3. Impressive, your Borgstromianness.

    How many drafts did it take to get a version that worked well with the various sequences?

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