Standing and Watching

Saul is a man who stands and watches.

He is at the wall at the edge of the world. He has no social life. He has no hobbies. He scarcely sleeps.

He stands, and watches, lest the age of disco come again.

Now and again, creatures come to the wall, and ask he let them in. Some are horrible, such as the gentleman from that place we shall not name. Others are radiant and beautiful, with wings of starlight arching in the void. He takes their names. He stamps their papers. He lets them through.

He has left behind him the woman he loved. He has no hope of children, or of fame. He will stand at the wall, and watch, until he grows too old. Then he will retire, on a measly pension, to scratch at the dirt of his old family farm.

He does not particularly hate disco. He simply feels that its time has passed. This is the sacrifice the world has asked of him.

Sometimes he will hear it coming to the gate. He will see it, glinting and shining beyond the far horizon. He will brace himself, and when it comes strolling up, he will tell it, “No.”

Saul is a man who stands and watches, at the wall at the edge of the world, lest the age of disco come again.

2 thoughts on “Standing and Watching

  1. Bless Saul. Bless him until the end of his days and beyond. I’d always wondered what it was that was keeping my sanity intact. Now I know. I say again: bless Saul.

    – jason

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