Hunting With Wolves

This is a song that a wolf sings. It’s not a normal wolf. It’s a person who’s also a wolf. That’s important, because normal wolves don’t sing in English.

I hear the wind blow
Stranger in my ears than I would like it to be, so
Softly now, so softly now that the hunt has begun,
And all the pack runs.

Beneath me a blur
Run on stones, run on water;
And the air all astir
The hunt calls to her daughters.
Around me they race
Run on stones, run on water;
Feel the call of the chase:
Blood is calling to slaughter.

Snapping teeth, striking claws,
Softly now, softly now,
And all nature’s laws
Say react, live, and be now;
Harry, wound, turn away
Softly now, softly now,
Until the end of the prey,
And there’s nothing to see now.

If you must have a because,
If you asked of a Seer
What prey was, what it does:
It was born that it die here.
No matter why, should I die
And find myself far,
Still would I hunt through the skies,
And I would hunt down the stars.

3 thoughts on “Hunting With Wolves

  1. Very nice. You know, I bet I’m not the only reader who’s going to pick up an instrument later today (banjo, in this case) and try to figure out the wolf’s melody.

    What do English wolf songs sound like? Viking pirate anthems? That’s kinda what sticks in my head. Or maybe a slightly dissonant fiddle reel, which wanders back and forth between “catchy” and unnatural.

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