A Magic Square

Margaret love Steve  
hopes denies he’ll leave  
always knowing / grieving going  
      Margaret love Steve . . .

Regardless of whether you read this square across, down, or diagonally, each line adds up to the same story. Granted,

admitted Mrs. Schiff,

even with this knowledge, you may be asking yourself in what fashion this pertains to the urgent and pressing matters facing the Gibbelins’ Tower Theatre Company. You may be inclined to wonder whether matters are entirely well backstage, or if a chimera made primarily of taffy has tangled the works. Perhaps you might even imagine that this presentation serves no other purpose than to distract you for the several moments that it will take Martin to recover from one of his legendary pixy stix binges and reassert his normal, cynical self. Yet if these things are on your mind,

asserted Mrs. Schiff,

then I say, for shame! A truly well-bred individual would instead be wondering, “Is it truly right, Mrs. Schiff? Is it truly right, to make magic squares of human lives?”

And to this,

conceded Mrs. Schiff

I would have no answer.

3 thoughts on “A Magic Square

  1. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to make magic squares out of people’s lives.
    You could even make a reality TV show out of the practice. I wouldn’t watch it, though. I don’t watch reality TV shows.

    To conclude:
    Acceptable? Yes.
    Right? Sure, why not?
    Desirable, or at least in good taste? Unlikely.

  2. Not sure if it is acceptable…mostly because I became distracted by thinking about Martin on a pixie stik binge. Thinking about whether he would zoom about like a comic ferret or would just giggle constantly or whether he would debate Shakespeare with woglies.

    Then again, I got distracted by Jane’s cookies too…

    Denying is the center of everything.

  3. *coughs politely, and protends that this extra comment is actually some kind of lengthened signature for the previous comment. Nope, he didn’t forget to log in, not at all…*

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