Liril and Micah

And oh! Oh! Something was not clear. It was not clear and maybe it seemed like the show about Liril and Micah was just another made-up thing like with the anemones or the dancing of the Popes. But that’s not what it was.

The fight was just a show. That was like anything else on Hitherby Dragons. The fight with that made-up buggy-eyed monster-thingie there—

It wasn’t real.

But Liril and Micah are not made up.

They are as real as anybody.

One thought on “Liril and Micah

  1. So the ‘made up’ sections as show would be a preformer orating the happenings, and the ‘shows’ would be events transpiring as if they were really put on the by cast of the theater of gods?

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